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Robert Randal Photography


Capturing the moment should not mean that you miss the moment, why not hire someone that can capture that moment for you? In this episode, we introduce Mr. Robert Randal an experienced talent behind the camera and the director of photography for The Caribbean Net Worth. Rob is the creator and owner of Robert Randal Photography, where he offers diversified services, from portrait photography, and wedding photography, to architecture. As a first-generation Caribbean American growing up in a Caribbean household, we asked Rob how his

upbringing influenced his skills and thoughts going into photography, he said: “Growing up my father and my mother instilled a good work ethic, and always striving to be the best.”

We also asked Rob when he realized that he needed to follow his passion for photography, and he stated: “It started back in high school when I was running track and I had my mother’s camera and I’d always take it to track meets with me and snap shots of random moments, and I did the same thing in college.” With over 10 years of experience and adaptability, Rob is the perfect photographer for your needs, do not miss the moment, hire a professional!

Rob is also supplying 15% off a photo shoot using the code “TheCaribbeanNetWorth” make sure you reach out to him to book your next photo shoot.

Instagram: rrandalphotos



This episode's Carib Lingo Word Of The Day is:



  1. Cooked meat eaten when consuming alcohol.

  2. Any snack (e.g peanuts) designed to be consumed while drinking alcohol.

  3. Snack, designed to be consumed while drinking alcohol, usually meat or meat based.

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