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“Dipped in diversity, strokes of splendor with all the colors of the Caribbean”

Updated: Aug 10, 2022


How you ever tried expressing yourself through art? Do you sing, write, or paint? Being an artist is such a broad spectrum of art and on this episode of The Caribbean Net Worth, we introduce you to Andrea McKenzie, who is a world renowned and an award-winning mixed media visual artist. Andrea hails from the great country of Trinidad and Tobago and she specializes in mixed media visual art. This type of art is visual art that combines the use of various media or materials in one piece.

Being from one of the most diverse nations in the world, Andrea grew up within a creative family. Between fashion designers, painters, and musicians her creativity was discovered at an early age and blossomed into the artist that she is today. “Dipped in diversity, strokes of splendor, with all the colors of the Caribbean”

When we asked Andrea what brought her down this career path of art; Andrea responded: “-I needed a fresh and new start, I tried to be a flight attendant, a big fail then I started to paint. One evening my dad came over and said let’s do an exhibition for you”. When we asked Andrea how social media influenced her artwork. Andrea responded: “social media is the reason why I am here, that is how the talent agency found and signed me. Most of my things are found on social media, it’s like free advertising”. Andrea was propelled into success by utilizing unique materials and utilizing social media. Andrea also mentioned that her goal is bringing awareness and teaching future artists to know their audience and to treat their art as a business.

Be sure to either visit her social media or visit her website to view some of her original artwork!

This episode's Carib Lingo Word Of The Day is:


  1. To jinx or cause misfortune by predicting a bad or unfavourable outcome

  2. The ability to predict future outcomes, particularly unfavourable future outcomes.

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