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Capturing the moment should not mean that you miss the moment, why not hire someone that can capture that moment for you? In this episode, we introduce Mr. Robert Randal an experienced talent behind the camera and the director of photography for The Caribbean Net Worth. Rob is the creator and owner of Robert Randal Photography, where he offers diversified services, from portrait photography, and wedding photography, to architecture. As a first-generation Caribbean American growing up in a Caribbean household, we asked Rob how his

upbringing influenced his skills and thoughts going into photography, he said: “Growing up my father and my mother instilled a good work ethic, and always striving to be the best.”

We also asked Rob when he realized that he needed to follow his passion for photography, and he stated: “It started back in high school when I was running track and I had my mother’s camera and I’d always take it to track meets with me and snap shots of random moments, and I did the same thing in college.” With over 10 years of experience and adaptability, Rob is the perfect photographer for your needs, do not miss the moment, hire a professional!

Rob is also supplying 15% off a photo shoot using the code “TheCaribbeanNetWorth” make sure you reach out to him to book your next photo shoot.

Instagram: rrandalphotos



This episode's Carib Lingo Word Of The Day is:



  1. Cooked meat eaten when consuming alcohol.

  2. Any snack (e.g peanuts) designed to be consumed while drinking alcohol.

  3. Snack, designed to be consumed while drinking alcohol, usually meat or meat based.

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Being a creative these days often means that you can do it all. From recording your own content to editing. What happens if you’re new to content creation or you just don’t know where to start no need to stress, The Caribbean Net Worth has found the perfect place for all your production needs. In this episode, we introduce Mr. Lawrence Prescott. Lawrence is the Owner and Operator of Caribbean Life Television (CLTV). CLTV is a “home for the Caribbean Diaspora sharing programming highlighting the lifestyles and cultures of the Caribbean people and community.” Focusing on providing worldwide consumable content through a wide variety of topics from sports, food, entertainment, fitness, and


When we asked Lawrence what his rationale was to create his television studio he stated: “purely from not seeing us, I didn’t see us represented…you would have to go to YouTube or some other means to consume our content... if you don’t see it create it?” With over thirty-five years of experience as a

photographer and videographer. CLTV took off in 2018 during the Atlanta Carnival Launch. They were the only media coverage outlet covering the festivities! Fast forward to 2022, CLTV offers its customers a full production service regarding any streaming services. Their services include various set options, and custom sets as well. Operated with diverse options from black magic cameras, to marking systems, lighting, and sound options. All with the ability to be mobile. Make sure to either visit the studio at 6254

Memorial Drive Suite C, Stone Mountain, GA, or book your production service for your creative needs!

Social Media:/Caribbeanlifetv

Including Roku!




6254 Memorial Drive Suite C

Stone Mountain, GA 30083

This episode's Carib Lingo Word Of The Day is:



  1. A dance, particularly one that involves gyrations of the waist, hips and buttocks.

  2. To wind or coil

  3. To dance in a sexually explicit or suggestive manner.

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Are you thinking about buying a home? Yet you have no idea where to start. Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments that you will make in your life and has various moving pieces. Therefore, it is wise to have someone who can help you navigate this new challenge. No need to look too hard for that special someone because The Caribbean Net Worth has done the challenging work for you. This week’s episode introduces you to commercial and residential real estate rock-star Mr. Jamie Davis!

Jamie hails from Nassau, Bahamas, and has been living in Atlanta for over fifteen years. With his vast knowledge of the Atlanta metropolitan and surrounding areas, Jamie is the perfect agent for commercial and residential properties. When we asked Jamie how his heritage and upbringing influenced his decisions relating to real estate. Jamie responded: “Coming from a country where tourism is our number one industry, we appreciate the value of good service. Service is very important and that is something that I try to give all my clients across the board.”

Knowing your priorities will be one of the things that can help the search for your home go tremendously smoother. Whether you prefer to have greenspace nearby or you would rather live closer to the city. Jamie takes the time to understand your priorities by providing you with an in-depth questionnaire to aid and narrow down the search. Which allows him to supply the best service to his clients. Make sure you reach out to Jamie Davis for the best knowledge and service for buying your future home!

Be sure to either visit his social media or email him for more information!


This episode's Carib Lingo Word Of The Day is:



  1. Stubborn. Unwilling to listen or take criticism.

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